Island Country Music Tour, North Shore – Waianae

Rural beauty on Oahu, Paradise Park

Rural beauty on Oahu, Paradise Park

Country music is one of the genres played in Hawaii, with Melveen Leed one of the foremost entertainers that made her mark not just in Hawaii but on the mainland as well. ┬áThe original song here, performed by Lady of Letters and Man of the Sea, offers a glimpse of Oahu’s North Shore and return to Waianae, through the eyes of Yves Debodinance, known by his fellow musicians as Yvalain. ┬áThe images are pure country, appropriate for the nature of the music that accompanies the video and photos of Oahu’s country areas, which is performed without digitized manipulations, live as country is ordinarily performed for audiences.

Enjoy the journey.

Island Country Wind

Blow the wind, the island wind

The ocean waves will roar

But I’ll be here, arms open wide

To greet my friends once more


When I was young, my foolish pride,

I saw the skies as gray

While purple beauty mixed with gold

Still touched and blessed the day

I did not see the beauty still

In the simple hearts of men

I looked for riches in a world

That took me down again

I wandered on the lonely paths

Where many souls may be

I found the stones along the way

Were barriers for me

Contentment seemed a drifting dream,

The spirit life for fools

When I grew old, in stumbling steps

I found my rocks were jewels

For there is nothing we can’t do

Nothing we cannot be

When friends are there and carry on

Loving folks like me

The winds may blow for good or ill

The ocean waters roar

But I’ll live on, embrace the day

To greet my friends once more

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