Is Hawaii the dumping ground for mainland homeless?

Councilmember Stanley Chang of Honolulu confers with policeman in Waikiki about homelessness

Recently the Honolulu Star Advertiser had a series of articles discussing the plight of the homeless in Hawaii.  A number of the homeless who were interviewed admitted to moving to Hawaii because of an interest in avoiding cold winters, as the prospect of living in a tent in Hawaii outweighed … Continue reading

Hawaiian lives matter

Carol Forsloff—-“This is blatant destruction of a religious artifact, of really a shrine — a temple. To me, not only is it insensitive — it’s a hate crime,” said Lakea Trask, one of a handful of Aloha Aina advocates who has spent the last 173 days on Mauna Kea in … Continue reading

Water everywhere but where can a body swim?

Swimmers enjoying the beaches of Waianae

The islands of Hawaii are surrounded by ocean waters.  Nevertheless in spite of the fact that there is water water everywhere people often ask where can a body swim. Hawaii has many beautiful beaches and great stretches of sand that drift from ocean to shore. The ocean is relatively warm … Continue reading

Hawaii’s cultural differences in ‘How tall are you?’

A tall man and a tall woman

Hawaii’s cultural differences bring out how unique a region may be in what is an acceptable question to ask a stranger and what is not, as that is a pattern that occurs not just in an island culture but other regions as well.  A recent example comes from the question, … Continue reading

Healthy aging in Hawaii

Hawaii ranks high among the 50 states in longevity.  What makes Hawaii special in terms of having good health and people living longer than they do in comparison with other areas? The weather is only one aspect of a good life, as it has been shown that people in mild … Continue reading

A child’s Hawaii bedtime story and reflections of the Divine

Waianae landscape reflects earth's diversity

A child’s Hawaii bedtime story trumps worries over immigration and the fear that spreads from politics, arguments and anguish over change in the answer to a simple question. Just like adults children worry about change.  When they see someone who looks different from them, they ask questions.  They become fearful … Continue reading

Healthy rice trends in Hawaii

While white sticky rice remains the most popular type in Hawaii, more and more people are seeing other types of rice on grocery shelves from Waianae’s Tamura to Honolulu’s Safeway Stores.  The new colorful types have brought health-conscious people to look for options to be served with popular Hawaiian dishes, … Continue reading

Town and country in Hawaii: What’s the difference?


Those who visit Hawaii make assumptions first based upon where they live, however briefly on vacation, or over a short period of time.  Those assumptions will often turn into generalizations based upon experiencing one region of the islands, when there are various cultures and lifestyles that represent Hawaii.  For what is true … Continue reading