Hawaiian lives matter

Carol Forsloff—-“This is blatant destruction of a religious artifact, of really a shrine — a temple. To me, not only is it insensitive — it’s a hate crime,” said Lakea Trask, one of a handful of Aloha Aina advocates who has spent the last 173 days on Mauna Kea in … Continue reading

The snows of Mauna Kea in Hawaii become real in July

Carol Forsloff—While the world has wondered about the Native Hawaiian concerns over a telescope being built on a great mountain in Hawaii many believe to be sacred, a unique happening occurred July 17, 2015, just yesterday as a famous song once declared in, “The Snows of Mauna Kea.” The islands … Continue reading

Native Hawaiians walk trail of tears over Mauna Kea

Telescope planned for Mauna Kea

Carol Forsloff—A new telescope?  No big deal some might say.  But for the Polynesian who takes pride in his or her island heritage and history, it is a major issue. Space.com reported the details in 2011, and while mainland media outlets looked at the pros and cons of the new … Continue reading