Pot vs ice in science and Hawaii’s beach patrols

Ice or crystal meth

The young man’s eyes glaze over as he snarls at a passerby, “Get out of here, bitch haole.  You no belong here.” The woman is part Hawaiian, but fair of skin with Caucasian blood.  The young man lives in the bushes and walks the streets with a cart, living on … Continue reading

Honoring Unsung Hawaiian Heroes

This morning a yellow truck with an extended ladder and a group of men riding in it drove into a condominium complex called Makaha Valley Plantation on the Leeward Coast of Oahu in Hawaii, offering a glimpse of a special kind of aloha, these unsung Hawaiian heroes. No exaggerated comments … Continue reading

Peacock talk of squawk, cats, and Hawaiian kings and queens

The peacock of Oahu.

It’s a natural war occurring in Makaha valley on the island of Oahu; and people have chosen sides.  The talk is all about peacocks squawk vs the wild cats of the valley and issues about which animals came first, man, peacock, or cats, and where they came from as well … Continue reading