Is Hawaii the dumping ground for mainland homeless?

Councilmember Stanley Chang of Honolulu confers with policeman in Waikiki about homelessness

Recently the Honolulu Star Advertiser had a series of articles discussing the plight of the homeless in Hawaii.  A number of the homeless who were interviewed admitted to moving to Hawaii because of an interest in avoiding cold winters, as the prospect of living in a tent in Hawaii outweighed … Continue reading

Hawaii’s homelessness: Is it criminal?

Tent encampment in Oahu country

Carol Forsloff–Is homelessness criminal?  The short answer is no.  It’s also yes sometimes.  The difference is motivation, intent and the barriers are political, social, and financial.  Not solving the problems of homelessness is the worst crime, even in paradise.  Let’s see how it starts and plays out in the Pacific. … Continue reading