Water everywhere but where can a body swim?

Swimmers enjoying the beaches of Waianae

The islands of Hawaii are surrounded by ocean waters.  Nevertheless in spite of the fact that there is water water everywhere people often ask where can a body swim. Hawaii has many beautiful beaches and great stretches of sand that drift from ocean to shore. The ocean is relatively warm … Continue reading

‘Dr. Doolittle’ of Makaha: Can she talk with animals?

The Dr. Dolittle of Makaha, Jojo

Carol Forsloff–“It was leaned up outside the building, caught in some vines, and it looked like its leg was broken or something.   I knew I had to get it to a vet really fast or the peacock would not make it.” This was not the first time JoJo expressed … Continue reading

Hawaii’s cultural differences in ‘How tall are you?’

A tall man and a tall woman

Hawaii’s cultural differences bring out how unique a region may be in what is an acceptable question to ask a stranger and what is not, as that is a pattern that occurs not just in an island culture but other regions as well.  A recent example comes from the question, … Continue reading

Spirit of Hawaii moves with hula to world’s great song of inspiration

Palm trees in the moonlight, Waianae Coast, "When I consider all the worlds  Thy Hands have made--"

Carol Forsloff–One of the greatest songs of faith, “How Great Thou Art,” was recorded by such luminaries as Elvis Presley, Wynonna Judd, Martina McBridge, Dolly Parton, Burl Ives and classically by many others, including one with the fusion of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata with piano.  It was written by Carl Broberg … Continue reading

Healthy aging in Hawaii

Hawaii ranks high among the 50 states in longevity.  What makes Hawaii special in terms of having good health and people living longer than they do in comparison with other areas? The weather is only one aspect of a good life, as it has been shown that people in mild … Continue reading

Life as a different race or sex

Carol Forsloff—-A recent, viral, news story discusses a white woman living as an African American, even as choosing to live as a different race has been done many times before, especially where it is a cultural advantage, as in Hawaii.  What is the real message about the discussion of race … Continue reading

Hair today, not gone tomorrow in Hawaii

Not only does the island wind and air offer the lungs respite from pollution, it is good for the skin and hair, helping it stay shiny and youthful even as people age.  There are also natural ways of helping hair today that will keep it thick and shiny no matter … Continue reading