Race and marriage in Hawaii and what about the children

Children of Hawaii

Carol Forsloff—In the 1960’s when someone wanted to object to interracial marriage he or she would offer this observation in the form of a question,” What about the children?”  This statement-question would be prefaced with the statement, “I’m not prejudiced but–” Hawaii is the very definition of the answer to … Continue reading

Hawaii’s cultural differences in ‘How tall are you?’

A tall man and a tall woman

Hawaii’s cultural differences bring out how unique a region may be in what is an acceptable question to ask a stranger and what is not, as that is a pattern that occurs not just in an island culture but other regions as well.  A recent example comes from the question, … Continue reading

Town and country in Hawaii: What’s the difference?


Those who visit Hawaii make assumptions first based upon where they live, however briefly on vacation, or over a short period of time.  Those assumptions will often turn into generalizations based upon experiencing one region of the islands, when there are various cultures and lifestyles that represent Hawaii.  For what is true … Continue reading

Ways to survive the two adjustment disorders related to Hawaii

Ala Moana food court where people of many cultures mingle.

Carol Forsloff–Every region of the world has its special concerns, and Hawaii is one of them when it comes to the health and well-being of its people.  In relationship to these issues, there are two kinds of adjustment disorders related to life in Hawaii. The first type of adjustment disorder … Continue reading