Water everywhere but where can a body swim?

Swimmers enjoying the beaches of Waianae

Swimmers enjoying the beaches of Waianae

The islands of Hawaii are surrounded by ocean waters.  Nevertheless in spite of the fact that there is water water everywhere people often ask where can a body swim.

Hawaii has many beautiful beaches and great stretches of sand that drift from ocean to shore. The ocean is relatively warm all the year round, making it ideal for swimmers and surfers alike. Still there are areas where it is risky if not really dangerous to swim. This is particularly true during hurricane season as well as the winter months. Hurricane season is from June to November. Then during the winter months there may be strong currents well past the hurricane season. Strong currents and high waves makes for great surfing and wonderful photographic images but are not necessarily good conditions for swimming except for the most adept surfers.

Waikiki is a famous beach that is very crowded much of the time but nevertheless has very good swimming most of the year.  In the winter, however, the waters are colder than during other months, and there also may be strong currents as well which will inhibit swimming.  The stretch of beach at Waikiki is relatively limited and made even more so by the crowds.  There are, however, areas throughout the Hawaiian islands where people can safely swim, if they know the conditions and the specific areas.  Despite that, however, experts remind visitors to check with the local crowd, lifeguards and those familiar with a given area before venturing into certain ocean areas that may be unsafe.

The Makaha surfing beach is famous across the world and many surfers have said that when the ocean has its rough waves and high surf this contributes to a wonderful experience.  The reputation of Makaha Beach comes from the inherent value Native Hawaiians place on the ocean and surfing, as it is one of the activities that continues to be part of the culture that is bound with tradition.  For the ocean is both revered and respected, respected for its power and energy and revered for its spiritual essence.  Despite the unpredictability of the famed Makaha surfing beach, there are areas along the Waianae Coast that are usually good for both swimming and surfing.

Pokai Bay, located between the Waianae Shopping Center and the beginning of the area known as Makaha, is a favorite place for swimming.  The ocean is tempered by the bay’s surrounding walls and location.  Sometimes, however, there may be signs posting danger during especially high tides, strong waves and storms.  On the other hand, swimming is generally excellent at Pokai Bay all the year round. Both locals and tourists enjoy the beach and the ocean areas at Pokai Bay are good for swimming, boating and snorkeling.

The North Shore of Oahu has some of the most amazing ocean sights on the island.  People come from all over the world to surf or to watch the world class surfers ride the high waves.  During the summer months there are many areas suitable for swimming, but because there may also be strong currents, visitors are advised to watch the local families and avoid swimming in areas with which they may be unfamiliar unless there is someone to provide guidance.  It is always advisable to check with a lifeguard or local family before entering an ocean section that is not known by the swimmer.

Hawaii has a wide expanse of ocean and beautiful beaches everywhere.  Swimming, surfing and boating contribute to the joys of living in or visiting the islands.  Yet before following where the ocean seems to beckon, one must first recognize whether it is friend or foe, and that takes asking questions, reading the signs, and avoiding jumping in when a particular ocean area is unknown.

Water is everywhere in Hawaii, and everyone proclaims the ocean king.  But like any royalty, it commands respect from swimmers and spectators alike.

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