Letting go of anger, from one of Hawaii’s Good Samaritans

Georgia and the truck that was stolen

Georgia and the truck that was stolen

“You have to let it go.  Bad things happen, and that can’t stop you from doing good things.  It is not good to hold anger inside, so you have to let go to keep yourself healthy and happy and continue to do the right thing.”

Her truck was stolen just days ago.  The police have no leads to date, and no one seems to know the whereabouts of the truck.  This good Samaritan, Georgia Campbell, is known for her care of both people and animals.  She helps connect folks who need jobs, feeds the helpless animals from food she gathers from many sources, including the scraps in dumpsters.  And she is always ready to listen, offer advice and wise counsel and find ways to support talent as well as new ideas.  The beloved truck was her means of transporting supplies for all the good things she does.

Yet when the truck was stolen, Georgia was not hostile about it but instead turned to her alternative, as she has a car she can use for errands.  Despite the fact the truck had the capacity the car does not, she remains “on the job” in her role as helper and giver to others.

What we can learn from Good Samaritans like Georgia is how to manage anger, as many times people will withdraw from helping others or doing good things when something bad happens along the way.  The Good Samaritan believes in doing good for its own sake and not for any reward or even thank you.   It is difficult to postpone rewards, or not to even think of them when doing the right thing for someone else, but to be able to offer support to others in that way is one of the highest attributes of man.

Georgia had given a ride to a young woman who stopped by her home, saying she had water to offer one of the puppies on Georgia’s property.  Georgia told the young woman she was on her way to yoga, and along the way to the class which Georgia was to teach that day, her new passenger, who called herself Anastasia and who said she was 21 years old, asked if she might join the yoga class as well.  During the time the class was in session, however, Georgia’s truck was stolen.  The young woman was the only one who knew the location of the truck and potentially where the keys to the door locks were kept.  The police, however, upon receiving the report about the stolen truck advised Georgia that the young woman should not be accused of the theft since no one actually saw what happened.

Still Georgia expresses not anger but offers the advice to let things like this go, as the anger itself can be especially hurtful to an individual, which can simply add to any problem.  She has the qualities of the Good Samaritan, particularly in how she views her work and even when there are barriers to performing good in the community.  What are those qualities according to the experts in altruism and faith?

The altruistic individual has very special qualities enumerated as being able to transcend negative emotions, selflessness in the endeavor to help others, feeling concerned and following through with that concern.  Finally altruism springs from noble emotions, feelings of compassion toward others, the ability to understand their needs and attention to detail.

All of these virtues remain within all of us, some maintain, who believe that man’s nature is inherently good.  The virtues are surely expressed by someone who continues to remain optimistic and caring, even after being hurt by someone she had helped.  That alone rises to the level of the Good Samaritan, whose example teaches everyone what it means to let go of anger and continue to strive to do the right thing even when bad things happen to good people–like Georgia.

The picture of the truck is here for those locally who may see it somewhere and call the proper authorities.



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