Hula offers path to mental, spiritual and physical health

Audience members learn hula at the Long Boards, a restaurant lounge at the Marriott on the Leeward Coast of Oahu

She was well into her 80’s, living her life virtually free of medications, and keeping herself fit and healthy while teaching others with the dance.  Her lifestyle is one that afforded her long life, and part of that came from the dance.   Corinne has many skills and is able … Continue reading

Healthy aging in Hawaii

Hawaii ranks high among the 50 states in longevity.  What makes Hawaii special in terms of having good health and people living longer than they do in comparison with other areas? The weather is only one aspect of a good life, as it has been shown that people in mild … Continue reading

Hair today, not gone tomorrow in Hawaii

Not only does the island wind and air offer the lungs respite from pollution, it is good for the skin and hair, helping it stay shiny and youthful even as people age.  There are also natural ways of helping hair today that will keep it thick and shiny no matter … Continue reading

Healthy rice trends in Hawaii

While white sticky rice remains the most popular type in Hawaii, more and more people are seeing other types of rice on grocery shelves from Waianae’s Tamura to Honolulu’s Safeway Stores.  The new colorful types have brought health-conscious people to look for options to be served with popular Hawaiian dishes, … Continue reading

Bamboo’s Polynesian values

Hawaiian bamboo forest

The bamboo may be beautiful in its green surroundings and offer visitors a lasting memory of Hawaii for its special tropical appeal,  growing nearly everywhere in the islands of Hawaii; but its value lies in the many ways it can be used for personal and environmental health as well. White, … Continue reading

Polynesia’s melaleuca, natures way to soothe, clean, protect

tea tree oil

In many health stores a small bottle that sits inobtrusively on a shelf is said to soothe, clean and protect better than products found in groceries with a host of chemicals.  In Hawaii many people strive to use natural ways to clean and maintain a healthy mind, body and environment … Continue reading

Beauty, wellness, pain relief from Hawaii’s healing plant

Carol Forsloff–While the aloe plant has received acclamation from alternative medicine aficionados, in Hawaii it is known for many things, a healing source that brings serious benefits to its users. The coconut has its wonders, but coupled with the aloe plant the two can tango with the best alternative methods … Continue reading