Bed and breakfast brigade brings problems, benefits to Hawaii

Time was when a bed and breakfast arrangement meant breakfast as well as interpersonal contact with a host or hostess or both.  These days, however, many guests find themselves meeting a lock box with no interaction with an owner or manager, other than an email.  What are the advantages and … Continue reading

Race and marriage in Hawaii and what about the children

Children of Hawaii

Carol Forsloff—In the 1960’s when someone wanted to object to interracial marriage he or she would offer this observation in the form of a question,” What about the children?”  This statement-question would be prefaced with the statement, “I’m not prejudiced but–” Hawaii is the very definition of the answer to … Continue reading

Major clinical depression not changed by Hawaii climate

Places where people sleep when the sun goes down

“Why are you so sad,” a woman asked her friend in the swimming pool in Makaha one afternoon.  After all, you live in Hawaii where the sun shines nearly every day, and it’s warm and beautiful.  I can’t imagine anyone being depressed when they live in paradise.” But depression is … Continue reading

Guns or butter: Hawaii chooses butter

Guns, non-violence sculpture

While much of the nation debates gun rights during elections and worries over gun rights vs gun control, Hawaii’s gun laws are among the strictest in the nation.  At the same time, deaths from guns in Hawaii are the lowest in the nation.  Pressure from gun rights groups counters this … Continue reading

Lessons from a Hawaii swimming pool on baby care

Swimming pool in Hawaii

“Isn’t this fun?” he asked, swinging the baby over the shallow end of the swimming pool, so the feet and legs dangled over into the water, before being dipped to the waist.  “Wish I could swim with nothing on.”  The following day the pool was closed for cleaning, but there … Continue reading

Makaha water main breaks, sink hole reflects infrastructure problems

water main break area, not accessible for photos but where problems have occurred before.

Traffic is being diverted from a main roadway in the mountains of Makaha, past the old Sheraton Resort, Makaha Valley Towers and Makaha Valley Plantation, as a water main break at the juncture of Makaha Valley Road and the Resort area created problems along the roadways leading into and out of … Continue reading

Hawaii the crossroad for Vietnam war heroes and their silent suffering

John Allen McKay, former Vietnam serviceman

Carol Forsloff—-Many men and women spent time in Hawaii preparing to be sent to Vietnam.  Hawaii was a place to learn how to do battle in the heat, learn about techniques of fighting in types of terrain with underbrush and much foliage where an enemy could hide.  It was a … Continue reading

The snows of Mauna Kea in Hawaii become real in July

Carol Forsloff—While the world has wondered about the Native Hawaiian concerns over a telescope being built on a great mountain in Hawaii many believe to be sacred, a unique happening occurred July 17, 2015, just yesterday as a famous song once declared in, “The Snows of Mauna Kea.” The islands … Continue reading

Climate, health disasters: Hawaii’s emergencies are yours

Philippine island of Binuluanguan, following Typhoon Haiyan, wikimedia commons_

Carol Forsloff—No matter where you live in the world there are two main sources of stress that can create social and financial problems that are only fueled by other concerns.  The old spiritual that declares, “There’s no hiding place down here,” is quickly becoming a reality.   Yet there are … Continue reading