Water everywhere but where can a body swim?

Swimmers enjoying the beaches of Waianae

The islands of Hawaii are surrounded by ocean waters.  Nevertheless in spite of the fact that there is water water everywhere people often ask where can a body swim. Hawaii has many beautiful beaches and great stretches of sand that drift from ocean to shore. The ocean is relatively warm … Continue reading

The secret passions and affairs of the Dukes of Hawaii


Carol Forsloff—-Hawaii has had its Dukes along with the Kings and Queens, only the former are part of modern lore of the islands, the type that lingers as today memorializes one of the greatest surfers of the modern age, Duke Kahanamoku. He is said to have been the “surfer of … Continue reading

Ceremonial rituals in Hawaii: Blowing the conch

Man blowing the conch shell--wikimedia commons

It was a beautiful evening in Waikiki, with people gathered around waiting for the program and dinner to begin.  At the close of the day, and prior to the special occasion, visitors are welcomed with the blowing of the conch.  It is a ritual not uncommon, and with special meaning … Continue reading

The Waianae Coast: Where faith resides

Sacred Heart from the 1990's

Diversity is the key to understanding, or at least it offers that message in Waianae, where it is represented not just by the living styles, homes, restaurants and conversations with people, but in how faith is practiced or not in an area where there are various ethnic types. The Waianae … Continue reading

‘Dr. Doolittle’ of Makaha: Can she talk with animals?

The Dr. Dolittle of Makaha, Jojo

Carol Forsloff–“It was leaned up outside the building, caught in some vines, and it looked like its leg was broken or something.   I knew I had to get it to a vet really fast or the peacock would not make it.” This was not the first time JoJo expressed … Continue reading

Learning to live in a new culture

Diversity of culture reflected by artifacts in one of the resorts on Oahu

Carol Forsloff–“Oh no!  I’m moving again.  Where are my things?  Did I lose something?  And these people, will they like me?  I feel different here; nobody looks like me.” Complaints like this may be unspoken, but they are part of change when adjusting to a new life in a new … Continue reading

Memories of Hawaii everlasting with the plumeria


The plumeria petals floated in the bowl beside my bed, still with their scent remaining from the lei a friend had given me when I stepped off the plane the very first time in Hawaii.  It remains a favorite flower, one of eternal beauty that islanders favor too, as it … Continue reading

A hen, a chick, a Hawaii lesson of freedom without fear

Carol Forsloff—Hawaii is a paradise for birds and for every living creature.  The way birds find their way and live with others reveals something about  the value of respect for life itself and how that and living a life without fear can be learned from simple events that happen just … Continue reading