Pacific’s ‘Georgia O’Keefe’ artist brings visual answer to drought problems

Eberhart with an orchid painting reminiscent of the work of Georgia O'Keefe.

Carol Forsloff—-She does not just paint flowers, but those she does are brought to life in a fashion that mirrors that of the famed artist, Georgia O’Keefe.  This talented artist, who transcends the ordinary from Hawaii to California, offers an answer to the problems of drought while bringing others a … Continue reading

A song-prayer from the words of Jesus, Hawaiian style

The Lords Prayer is the most well-known and most beloved prayer for all Christians, as it comes directly from the words of Jesus, as He offered an example for his followers.  Whether it is said individually or in unison, with words or with melody, it remains one of those most … Continue reading

Spirit of Hawaii moves with hula to world’s great song of inspiration

Palm trees in the moonlight, Waianae Coast, "When I consider all the worlds  Thy Hands have made--"

Carol Forsloff–One of the greatest songs of faith, “How Great Thou Art,” was recorded by such luminaries as Elvis Presley, Wynonna Judd, Martina McBridge, Dolly Parton, Burl Ives and classically by many others, including one with the fusion of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata with piano.  It was written by Carl Broberg … Continue reading

A child’s Hawaii bedtime story and reflections of the Divine

Waianae landscape reflects earth's diversity

A child’s Hawaii bedtime story trumps worries over immigration and the fear that spreads from politics, arguments and anguish over change in the answer to a simple question. Just like adults children worry about change.  When they see someone who looks different from them, they ask questions.  They become fearful … Continue reading

Sing and dance Hawaii: Reduce Alzheimer’s and COPD risks

Singing and dancing the hula

Carol Forsloff—Hawaii has long been the place where the arts are celebrated, with everyone from children to seniors participating in some area of the arts.  Often, however, seniors neglect to continue music, given the vocal changes that occur in late adulthood, however given Hawaii’s Alzheimer risks and the prevalence of … Continue reading

Music of heaven found in Hawaii’s ‘Lokomaika’i,’ Amazing Grace

Hawaiian paradise on the Leeward Coast of Oahu, Waianae

In Hawaii the arts are not just acknowledged or enjoyed but revered.  This includes visual arts, writing and music, with the latter no more beautifully eloquent than the slack key played by the masters, especially in combination with the unique sounds of other instruments that include the ukulele, drums or … Continue reading

Gabby, Give ’em slack: Hawaii’s guitar legend lives on

Gabby Pahinui

Carol Forsloff–In Hawaii local folks remember Gabby Pahinui with only his first name, just as they remember Israel Kamakawiwioole as Iz.  His legendary slack key guitar and distinctive voice remains ever present, as the legend lives on everywhere in Hawaii.   A reporter, right after moving to Hawaii, met Gabby … Continue reading

Remembering Israel, Hawaii’s Prince of Music


Carol Forsloff—There’s an ocean of music between the mainland United States and Hawaii; and the one that could bring folks together in song would likely be Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. There were many mourners in 1997 when the Hawaiian prince of beautiful music was memorialized on the beaches of Makaha, with canoes … Continue reading