Major clinical depression not changed by Hawaii climate

Places where people sleep when the sun goes down

“Why are you so sad,” a woman asked her friend in the swimming pool in Makaha one afternoon.  After all, you live in Hawaii where the sun shines nearly every day, and it’s warm and beautiful.  I can’t imagine anyone being depressed when they live in paradise.” But depression is … Continue reading

Moral, ethical, religious, and legal battles over Hawaii’s sacred mountain

Mauna Kea observatories, wikimedia commons

Carol Forsloff—–“The summit of Mauna Kea may, in fact, be the darkest site anywhere in the world … which of course means you can see deeper into space,” said Doug Simons, executive director at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. The CFHT sits with 12 other telescopes on top of the mountain. CNN’s … Continue reading

Guns or butter: Hawaii chooses butter

Guns, non-violence sculpture

While much of the nation debates gun rights during elections and worries over gun rights vs gun control, Hawaii’s gun laws are among the strictest in the nation.  At the same time, deaths from guns in Hawaii are the lowest in the nation.  Pressure from gun rights groups counters this … Continue reading

The secret passions and affairs of the Dukes of Hawaii


Carol Forsloff—-Hawaii has had its Dukes along with the Kings and Queens, only the former are part of modern lore of the islands, the type that lingers as today memorializes one of the greatest surfers of the modern age, Duke Kahanamoku. He is said to have been the “surfer of … Continue reading

A song-prayer from the words of Jesus, Hawaiian style

The Lords Prayer is the most well-known and most beloved prayer for all Christians, as it comes directly from the words of Jesus, as He offered an example for his followers.  Whether it is said individually or in unison, with words or with melody, it remains one of those most … Continue reading

Ceremonial rituals in Hawaii: Blowing the conch

Man blowing the conch shell--wikimedia commons

It was a beautiful evening in Waikiki, with people gathered around waiting for the program and dinner to begin.  At the close of the day, and prior to the special occasion, visitors are welcomed with the blowing of the conch.  It is a ritual not uncommon, and with special meaning … Continue reading