Makaha water main breaks, sink hole reflects infrastructure problems

water main break area, not accessible for photos but where problems have occurred before.

Traffic is being diverted from a main roadway in the mountains of Makaha, past the old Sheraton Resort, Makaha Valley Towers and Makaha Valley Plantation, as a water main break at the juncture of Makaha Valley Road and the Resort area created problems along the roadways leading into and out of … Continue reading

Risks to Hawaii from invasion of Monsanto and Koch

Maui protest against GMOs

Genetically-modified foods are being forced on outer islanders, even as negative ads pervade the airwaves sandwiched among hula programs, Hawaiian music and local news.  Hawaii is experiencing the Koch brothers effect just as surely as other places in the United States and the rest of the world. Hawaii has always … Continue reading

Oregon vs Hawaii: Which state has the higher rate of skin cancer?

neoprene vest, protective clothing for swimming and surfing

“Better not stay in the sun too long, ” she said.  My well-meaning friend from Oregon expressed concern about the risks of sun exposure in Hawaii.  But is it worse than Oregon? According to research, Oregon’s rate of skin cancer is considerably higher than Hawaii.  In fact Hawaii rates at … Continue reading

Hawaii the crossroad for Vietnam war heroes and their silent suffering

John Allen McKay, former Vietnam serviceman

Carol Forsloff—-Many men and women spent time in Hawaii preparing to be sent to Vietnam.  Hawaii was a place to learn how to do battle in the heat, learn about techniques of fighting in types of terrain with underbrush and much foliage where an enemy could hide.  It was a … Continue reading

Hawaii Jacuzzi risks to children

Jacuzzi's not safe for children

Hawaii has fairly liberal laws when it comes to individual rights, leaving it to the judgment of the individual regarding what is safe or not.  Signs and warning labels are provided about many things that could be unsafe, but each person is to make a decision for himself or herself … Continue reading

Memories of Hawaii everlasting with the plumeria


The plumeria petals floated in the bowl beside my bed, still with their scent remaining from the lei a friend had given me when I stepped off the plane the very first time in Hawaii.  It remains a favorite flower, one of eternal beauty that islanders favor too, as it … Continue reading

Hawaii’s Japanese hero trumps Trump


Carol Forsloff—While Republican candidates for President have questioned the war heroism of Senator John McCain recently and Secretary of State John Kerry during his campaign for President years ago, the answer raised by their questions can be found in the military service of Hawaii’s Japanese. Donald Trump has created controversy … Continue reading

A hen, a chick, a Hawaii lesson of freedom without fear

Carol Forsloff—Hawaii is a paradise for birds and for every living creature.  The way birds find their way and live with others reveals something about  the value of respect for life itself and how that and living a life without fear can be learned from simple events that happen just … Continue reading

The snows of Mauna Kea in Hawaii become real in July

Carol Forsloff—While the world has wondered about the Native Hawaiian concerns over a telescope being built on a great mountain in Hawaii many believe to be sacred, a unique happening occurred July 17, 2015, just yesterday as a famous song once declared in, “The Snows of Mauna Kea.” The islands … Continue reading