Pot vs ice in science and Hawaii’s beach patrols

Ice or crystal meth

The young man’s eyes glaze over as he snarls at a passerby, “Get out of here, bitch haole.  You no belong here.” The woman is part Hawaiian, but fair of skin with Caucasian blood.  The young man lives in the bushes and walks the streets with a cart, living on … Continue reading

Hawaii on socially liberal side of history

The Law

Recent rulings by the Supreme Court put Hawaii on the liberal side of history, as the United States continues to move forward on inclusion of people from varying backgrounds in equal rights and begins to look at social issues within the context of public safety and the good of the … Continue reading

Hawaii vs Oregon: Which is more religious?

Maluhia in Waianae, Hawaii serves Lutherans and one or two other mainline Protestant groups, losing members of Evangelical groups.

Carol Forsloff—Oregon has been shown statistically to have the least number of people who are members of a religious organization, at a little over one-third of the population of the State.  Hawaii was settled by Christian missionaries, and immigrants have arrived from all corners of the globe, bringing their religion … Continue reading

Solar controversy in Hawaii

Where the sun shines brightly almost every day, some people are worried about solar energy.  This objection comes at a time when carbon pollution from coal and oil are putting members of Congress at loggerheads.  Why are some people in Hawaii objecting to an energy source touted as clean and … Continue reading

Sing and dance Hawaii: Reduce Alzheimer’s and COPD risks

Singing and dancing the hula

Carol Forsloff—Hawaii has long been the place where the arts are celebrated, with everyone from children to seniors participating in some area of the arts.  Often, however, seniors neglect to continue music, given the vocal changes that occur in late adulthood, however given Hawaii’s Alzheimer risks and the prevalence of … Continue reading

The Elephants of Hawaii


A television commercial advertising a particular medical product offers a glimpse of the issue in Hawaii that affects many island children and continues throughout adult lives, even as the air quality tests clean and pure for the islands by both local and mainland weather experts.  Nevertheless, the proverbial elephants sit … Continue reading

Negative effect of mainland politics on Hawaii

David Ige won the Democratic primary against Neil Abercrombie, than the general election, to become Governor of the State of Hawaii.

Hawaii state politics have always seemed like those in friendly small towns, with handshakes, smiles and street corner pleasantries.  But with the advent of speedier communication over the nation’s troubled waters, what was once a kind and lovely way to interact in the political season is beginning to look more … Continue reading

Music of heaven found in Hawaii’s ‘Lokomaika’i,’ Amazing Grace

Hawaiian paradise on the Leeward Coast of Oahu, Waianae

In Hawaii the arts are not just acknowledged or enjoyed but revered.  This includes visual arts, writing and music, with the latter no more beautifully eloquent than the slack key played by the masters, especially in combination with the unique sounds of other instruments that include the ukulele, drums or … Continue reading

Polynesian values, Hawaiian woman’s healing ways

Hawaiian healer Shannon Naki.

Hawaiian healers focus on natural remedies for common ailments, and the women who nurture their families will often reach out to other people to offer their healing touch and ideas.  Still other healers have made it a lifelong practice to help others with their health, that consistently unfolds as the … Continue reading