Heed Danger Signs in Hawaii

Tourists ignoring danger signs

They were several Japanese tourists walking along the slippery rocks, with the signs clearly marking the area as dangerous.  They had stepped over a barricade to walk down an incline to see the whirlpools, small cave-like areas, and the ocean waves as they swept across the rocks.  The signs were … Continue reading

Hawaii’s religious diversity: Mormons and Quakers

Carol Forsloff—Hawaii is a place of diversity in many areas, including religion.  Two particular Christian groups represent some of the unique differences that exist in the islands, a place where religious tolerance is characteristically embraced. The Mormon Temple on the Windward side of Oahu is a symbol of the faith … Continue reading

Hawaii’s most valued song: Kaulana Na Pua

Lands on the Island of Oahu

Carol Forsloff—He was elegant and eloquent, as he smiled graciously and said, “I tell you this not to make you angry,” then proceeded to offer a history lesson that brought the audience to quiet grief and frustration, knowing the complications for the United States and Hawaii that his story offered … Continue reading

Healthy rice trends in Hawaii

While white sticky rice remains the most popular type in Hawaii, more and more people are seeing other types of rice on grocery shelves from Waianae’s Tamura to Honolulu’s Safeway Stores.  The new colorful types have brought health-conscious people to look for options to be served with popular Hawaiian dishes, … Continue reading

Hawaii’s sexy, senior songbird wows residents, locals alike

Some aging musicians simply fade or take hiatus from entertainment, return for awhile, then are gone. But others keep their bright and brilliant talent in seeming forever ways, as reflected by Melveen Leed, a Paniolo (cowboy) country girl from Molokai, Hawaii. This sixty-five-and-something stunner plays to crowds that gather wherever … Continue reading

Hawaii as ‘sitting duck’

Sketch Kim Jong-un, of North Korea

Carol Forsloff—There are many ways to examine issues regarding Hawaiian sovereignty, more of which will be expanded on in this magazine, resulting from an interview with a well-known University of Hawaii professor.  But in advance of that narrative of historical events, the most immediate concern for everyone to consider is … Continue reading

Gypsy’s life saved by acupuncture and Hawaiian woman

Tracy Kane whose love for animals gives new life to them

Carol Forsloff–There are many delightful stories about how people do good in the world, and here is one that will likely make you happy if you love life, nature and care about all living things, as is demonstrated by a Hawaiian woman and an acupuncturist, as they have been saving … Continue reading