Beauty, wellness, pain relief from Hawaii’s healing plant

Carol Forsloff–While the aloe plant has received acclamation from alternative medicine aficionados, in Hawaii it is known for many things, a healing source that brings serious benefits to its users. The coconut has its wonders, but coupled with the aloe plant the two can tango with the best alternative methods … Continue reading

Realtors, slum lords reinforce Hawaii poverty stereotypes

Makaha Valley Plantation

Carol Forsloff–For years one of the more picturesque properties on the Waianae Coast had its reputation marred by the combination of greedy real estate agents and slum lords that caused many local people to be shut out of the rental markets, especially in the poor areas of Hawaii, depressing both … Continue reading

Hawaii’s vulnerability to climate change

Beach that suffers erosion in the winter season

While the world sees the devastating volcano eruption in Nepal and the massive storms on the mainland United States, Hawaii, although experiencing less volatility in its environmental difficulties, nevertheless has its own vulnerability to climate change. Hawaii’s temperatures are eased by trade winds that are present even in the hotter … Continue reading


Pregnant woman, photo by Tata kurliana on wikimedia commons

Hapai–pregnant As in:  I didn’t know she was hapai again.  Has she told you if she wants a girl or a boy this time? This is a very common term and more likely than not to be used by a local person than the standard English word “pregnant.”