Is Hawaii the dumping ground for mainland homeless?

Councilmember Stanley Chang of Honolulu confers with policeman in Waikiki about homelessness

Recently the Honolulu Star Advertiser had a series of articles discussing the plight of the homeless in Hawaii.  A number of the homeless who were interviewed admitted to moving to Hawaii because of an interest in avoiding cold winters, as the prospect of living in a tent in Hawaii outweighed … Continue reading

Pacific’s ‘Georgia O’Keefe’ artist brings visual answer to drought problems

Eberhart with an orchid painting reminiscent of the work of Georgia O'Keefe.

Carol Forsloff—-She does not just paint flowers, but those she does are brought to life in a fashion that mirrors that of the famed artist, Georgia O’Keefe.  This talented artist, who transcends the ordinary from Hawaii to California, offers an answer to the problems of drought while bringing others a … Continue reading

The Hawaii solution to abortion

Carol Forsloff—“My oldest daughter isn’t married yet but she wants to have a child.  So she is returning to Hawaii to have one.”In the current political climate on social issues there are often no easy answers to the problems of infertility or unwanted pregnancies.  Yet Hawaii has a custom that … Continue reading

Hawaiian lives matter

Carol Forsloff—-“This is blatant destruction of a religious artifact, of really a shrine — a temple. To me, not only is it insensitive — it’s a hate crime,” said Lakea Trask, one of a handful of Aloha Aina advocates who has spent the last 173 days on Mauna Kea in … Continue reading

Bed and breakfast brigade brings problems, benefits to Hawaii

Time was when a bed and breakfast arrangement meant breakfast as well as interpersonal contact with a host or hostess or both.  These days, however, many guests find themselves meeting a lock box with no interaction with an owner or manager, other than an email.  What are the advantages and … Continue reading

Water everywhere but where can a body swim?

Swimmers enjoying the beaches of Waianae

The islands of Hawaii are surrounded by ocean waters.  Nevertheless in spite of the fact that there is water water everywhere people often ask where can a body swim. Hawaii has many beautiful beaches and great stretches of sand that drift from ocean to shore. The ocean is relatively warm … Continue reading

Race and marriage in Hawaii and what about the children

Children of Hawaii

Carol Forsloff—In the 1960’s when someone wanted to object to interracial marriage he or she would offer this observation in the form of a question,” What about the children?”  This statement-question would be prefaced with the statement, “I’m not prejudiced but–” Hawaii is the very definition of the answer to … Continue reading

Major clinical depression not changed by Hawaii climate

Places where people sleep when the sun goes down

“Why are you so sad,” a woman asked her friend in the swimming pool in Makaha one afternoon.  After all, you live in Hawaii where the sun shines nearly every day, and it’s warm and beautiful.  I can’t imagine anyone being depressed when they live in paradise.” But depression is … Continue reading